Frequently Asked Questions

RTT is for any human, young or old, who desires to feel better (internally or externally). RTT is for you if you have tried to change, but have been unsuccessful. RTT is for you if you want to improve a specific area of your life or business and haven’t been able to get there yourself. RTT is for you if you want a life of freedom, joy and fulfilment.
RTT works on a wide range of issues, including but not limited to: Achieving Goals, Addictions, Anger, Anxiety, Bad Habits, Career, Childhood Problems, Compulsive Behaviour, Confidence, Depression, Emotional Blocks, Exams, Fears, Feeling Not Lovable or Not Enough, Health Issues, Infertility, Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration, lack of connection, Migraines, Money Blocks, Motivation, Pain Control, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Procrastination, Public Speaking, Relationships, Self Esteem, Skin Problems, Sleep Problems, Smoking, Sports Performance, Stress, Success Blocks, Trauma, Wealth Wiring, Weight Control. If you don’t see your concern on my list, please enquire.
Yes! Rapid Transformational Therapy and hypnosis has worked for millions of people just like you, no matter the issue; its science! It works by creating a burst of brain waves that are the same as when you’re in REM. That’s what allows you to access the subconscious mind. It’s simple, effective and proven.
An RTT session lasts between 90-120 mins. It is for that reason that every session is booked for 2 hours.
Yes! RTT/ Hypnosis is a sleep of the nervous system. You don’t actually go to sleep. You are fully aware of everything that is happening throughout the session. You are in control through the whole session.
It feels different for different people. Mostly it is a feeling of deep relaxation. For some, it’s a sleepy, floating sensation. How you feel during the session is no indication on how effective it is. It is working no matter what!
No! That’s a myth. You have complete control the entire time. You are talking and dialoguing with me throughout the session.
You can! Everyone can. As long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will. It is easy, enjoyable and a thoroughly relaxing process.
Even if you think you do, through RTT you’ll experience it in a completely new way. That’s what allows you to change the meaning and ultimately, change your beliefs. And for many clients, they go back to new scenes that may have been repressed, these are often totally different to what they expected. Trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see. Remember: if you did know the real reason behind your issue, you probably would have fixed it by now.
Yes, regression (finding the root cause) is an essential part of RTT. You will not re-experience anything, through hypnosis you will simply observe events or experiences you have had in your past and draw a new understanding. I will support you and create a safe space for you to express your emotions and transform. Understanding in hypnosis is the most liberating, transformational power.
RTT and hypnosis provide direct access to the reasons you feel how you feel. We are not wasting time talking about what your conscious mind thinks may be the cause. Your subconscious mind already has the answers. Through the answers, you gain a new understanding, from a place of non-judgement. The changes and freedom are permanent, once you have a new understanding, we are able to reprogram, rewire and upgrade your mind with the new, more beneficial, healthy beliefs and patterns that empower you. Some issues can take more than one session.
Everyone is different. You may feel extremely happy and excited, relieved and free. You may find yourself very tired and want to sleep. You may find yourself in a reflective mood. It’s not uncommon to remember more and have addiitional insights that apply to the issue you worked on. You will always leave the session with a sense of understanding, freedom and empowerment.
There are 3 types of change from Rapid Transformational Therapy and every person is different. 1. Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away – immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviours right in the session. 2. Cumulative: You see consistent shifts every day or over time as you listen to the recording. 3. Retrospective: You don’t really notice day to day any difference, but after several weeks you look back and realise things have really changed. Or you can experience a combination of all 3! But whatever way you experience it, listening to the recording regularly is a key part of your transformation.
RTT is designed to give you a powerful breakthrough and create big changes in your life. Some clients may need more than one session on a particular issue. Depending on how deep it is, it can take up to 3 sessions. Some clients also choose to work on other areas of their life and have additional sessions to work on these.
Yes. Absolutely. All clients are assured of confidentiality about any disclosed material, in accordance with professional codes of ethics. I do not contact other practitioners or doctors who the client may be under, without the clients permission.
I offer sessions virtually through “Zoom” online. RTT is just as effective through Zoom, as you have the major benefit of being in the comfort of your own home. All you need is an Internet connection.

I give people Freedom and Empowerment